Addressing a large audience is a remarkable opportunity to create an impact and give life to a large conversation. Creating “buzz” isn’t easy unless you know what you are doing. We can help.


Have you been invited to speak at TED?

As a platform TED has changed how we present ideas that make a difference. We can make your talk stand out. We’ve all gotten a TED video in our inbox or Facebook wall at some point and we want your talk to go viral.


Are you fundraising? Do you have a message that can change the world?

Outreach is the primary concern of any non-profit organization. You’re either raising awareness or raising funds in order to raise awareness. A clear message goes further than any dollar ever spent. You and the stories of those you serve will move people to take action.

By working together we prepare you for audiences of any size. You’ll be able to read a room and know just when to deliver the ask in a way that has people flocking to support your cause.


Are you running for public office? Do you have an initiative that needs support?

Whatever you are championing, we help you address your audience in a way that creates trust. By working with us you’ll be able to harness your passion so that people want to support you with their donations, their time, and their votes. We can help you become an inspiring orator who keeps supporters engaged for the duration of any campaign.


Do you have a vision you want others to rally behind? Are you an ordinary person with an extraordinary commitment?

Our country has always thrived on the passion of inspired individuals. Whether you are gathering signatures for social justice or speaking before the State Assembly, a clear message will get you what you want. We can help you develop your points in ways that are accessible. We hone your presentation skills so people will listen.

We are committed to your success.

Who's Talking

Do you need help sharpening your TALK skills?

Our talk services can benefit:

• TED presenters
• Non-profit companies
• Candidates for public office
• Social Activists