Talking Out Loud is committed to creating better communication by improving public speaking skills. For most people public speaking is terrifying. Yet, we all want to be seen and heard.

Working together we can identify what is keeping you from being an engaging public speaker and help you develop habits that will make you a great communicator. After working with us, people will see you as comfortable, dynamic, and confident.

How We Do It:

• Assess your comfort zones.
• Define your audience.
• Review your content.
• Identify your growth areas.
• Offer performance feedback in a safe, secure environment.
• Coach you with new habits for effectiveness.
• Polish your presentation.
• Celebrate your wins.
• We work with individuals and groups.

Who We Are:

Talking Out Loud founder Rae Dubow says, “I believe everyone can learn to communicate more effectively.”

Since the late 1990s Rae has coached and directed actors working in television, film, and theater, as well as professional writers, helping them develop and hone their public presentations. “As I work with more and more people, I notice there are common blocks we all have that get in the way of being comfortable in public. Once we address those, it is quite simple for anyone to engage an audience of any size. Most of us just need a safe place to practice and some honest feedback. That is what Talking Out Loud provides.” – Rae Dubow

Who We Work With:

• Job Seekers
• High School Students
• College Students
• Graduate Students
• Authors
• Brides
• Grooms
• Best Men
• Fathers of the Bride
• Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrants
• Graduates
• Valedictorians
• TED presenters
• Non-Profits
• Public Office Candidates
• Social Activists
• Academic Lecturers
• Scientific Lecturers
• Debaters
• Motivational Speakers
• Sales People
• Business People

Our Services