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Creative people, especially writers, are often asked to share their work publicly. We’ve worked closely with writers at all levels. Even if you don’t have a reading or book signing in your near future, we’ve compiled a Career Tools [link] section you don’t want to miss.


Do you have a reading or signing coming up? How about a press interview?

Most writers work in isolation. Speaking in front of a group can be overwhelming.
There are a few essential things your readers want to know. And most of them have to do with who you are as a person. So getting comfortable with sharing that is vital.

Also, look at our Career Tools, [link] which make the process of readings more enjoyable.

Press Junkets

Are you in the public eye, or about to be? Do you have a big project with a big story that is getting a lot of attention?

There can be any number of reasons the press wants to cover your accomplishment. How you present yourself will make all the difference.

The key to success when you are speaking to publications and news outlets is that every interview must sound like you are having it for the first time. We prepare you for that.

Career Tools

Are you new to readings? Does it scare you to go to a new city or a new store and speak in front of people?

That’s normal. We’ve worked with many writers and developed a technique for signings and readings.
We’ll show you how to:

  • Arrive comfortable and confident every time.
  • Create relationships in each venue.
  • Get invited back.
  • Increase your fan-base.
  • Inspire social media coverage.
  • Look forward to the next reading.
  • Increase sales.

With one consultation and a dedication to putting each practice in place, these outcomes can be yours.

Who's Talking

Do you need help sharpening your READINGS skills?

Our readings services can benefit:

• Authors
• Writers
• Press Junket Presenters