A lot is riding on your next deal. We get it. How do you bridge the gap between your presentation and your dream?


Do you meet with heavy-hitting decision makers on a regular basis? Do you have a breakthrough concept you want to introduce to higher-ups?

Even if you are the top producer in your field you know there is room to improve. Every sale happens inside of a conversation and every conversation is improved by clear communication. We can help you improve the delivery of your value proposition and help your clients discover new needs.

TV / Film

Do you have meetings with studios or networks?

The world of entertainment moves a mile a minute. Getting people’s attention is one thing. Keeping their attention is another.

We help you convey your passion, experience and commitment in a way that builds trust and relationships.


Do you have the next great video game idea? Are you looking to partner with a major distributor?

The gaming world is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now. And yet the norms for selling into that industry are much like any other. There are expectations that must be met during a pitch. Going in unprepared is the last thing you want to do.

Knowing how to introduce yourself as part of the product’s future is essential. We can prepare you for any meeting.

Who's Talking

Do you need help sharpening your PITCH skills?

Our pitch services can benefit:

• Sales people
• TV & Film pitches
• Video game producers