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Many lectures feel as if they’re taking place inside a vacuum. It requires a great deal of energy and belief in yourself to hold the interest of a room through a complex string of concepts. We coach people so they convey their ideas powerfully and spark people’s interest from beginning to end.


Are you new to teaching? Is the material you’re presenting landing how you want it to land? Do you have a series or single lecture coming up? Do you want to make sure you get it right?

Group dynamics can sometimes feel overwhelming. People learn best when they can tell you care about your material. If you’re not looking them in the eye and synthesizing new information with something familiar, they’ll drift and daydream until the bell rings.

We can help you keep your students tuned in.


Do you have a groundbreaking theory or finding to share?

Some of the most challenging audiences in the world are in the scientific community. Most scientists are highly intellectual yet still want to be approached as human beings.

We work with well-educated, high-minded people to make sure their voices are heard.


Are you competing in a debate? Are you facilitating a debate?

Whether you are new to it or have been competing for years, we can coach you on how to be a more effective speaker. If you are at the top of your game you’ve probably noticed there were times when you should have won based on your arguments and yet your opponent was victorious.

The line between good and great is razor thin. There are subtle changes you can make to become a champion.

We coach at all levels and are positive we can push you forward at any stage.

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Do you need help sharpening your LECTURE skills?

Our lecture services can benefit:

• Teachers
• Scientists
• Debaters